From time to time we will be bringing you random updates. Many of you may not know but this site is maintained by 2 individuals who love bikes.

Both of us, however, have re-entered school and work and thus our entries will become fewer during the week. We will do our best to keep things updated, however, we cannot guarantee continuous streaming updates nearly everyday like we have been.

We thank you for your patience and hope to jeep the site updated as much as we can

Good Friends, Good Fun

A local video.  Looked like fun, check it out:

Ride on!

Do The Double Paceline

What?!  Don’t know what a paceline or double-paceline is?  Watch and learn:

Ride on ridazz!

Have a great weekend!

Bike Fail of the Week!

Watch that dirt ramp!


Ride on!

Rider Spotlight

Meet Dylan “Fish and Chips” Hurst, a local LA rider. Born in London, Dylan is a trick biker who pulls off crazy stunts in the streets of LA every day. Check out his video.


Ride on!

Hong Kong Island Hardcore Ride

On August 7, 2011, more than 30 riders rode around the whole island of Hong Kong. The 45k journey took about 4 hours and was filled with steep hills. Here is a video of their excursion.


Ride on!

Why Road Bikes Are Sexy Too…

…purely because of things like this:

Ride on riders!


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